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About the Author

Jodie was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in early 2017, and had realised that merely adopting a Gluten-Free lifestyle was not going to be the answer to her problems, or yours!

Jodie was Asymptomatic or 'Silent Celiac' as they say, so the idea that her food was the cause of her health concerns was one of the biggest shocks of her life. 

She quickly learned that GF alternative food can be quite toxic and can prevent her and others from living a healthy and happy life.

Jodie made it her mission over the years since her diagnosis to research the inner workings of this disease and the best ways to avoid the gluten-free alternative food trap that's keeping people sick long after they give up gluten.

When Jodie is not moonlighting as an Author and Gluten-Free mentor, she manages a successful construction company in Australia and follows her passion for food and fitness.  



Jodie Clapp

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