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6 Creative Ways to Revamp a Gluten-Free Diet

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

With any specific diet, it is common to experience food burnout. The increased awareness needed when dining out and scanning food labels while grocery shopping can lead to a loop of eating the same few recipes for weeks at a time, simply because it is easiest. For those in a gluten-free diet rut, try these six tips to add some pizazz back into your routine.

1. Explore Pinterest

If you are tired of rotating between the same few recipes over and over again, explore Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great source for online recipes. With a userbase of several million people, there are plenty of pinners and pinboards that focus exclusively on gluten-free recipes.

Your next great dessert, snack, or meal might be just one click away.

2. Search for gluten-free alternatives

Going gluten-free does not mean sacrificing everything you once used to love. With the gluten-free food market reaching billions of dollars, many brands offer a gluten-free version of your favorite food.

For those that may not like to spend a lot of time cooking, a quick trip to the grocery store can turn up ready-made, gluten-free pizza, pasta, bread rolls, and more. No extra cooking necessary!

Or, visit the local deli and see what new and unique ingredients you can find to spice up a new dish.

3. Experiment with different grains

For many, avoiding gluten may sound like all grains are off-limits. However, there are a few types of grains that are safe for those with celiac disease.

Buckwheat, quinoa, and millet are all tasty gluten-free options. Create an easy snack or wholesome dinner with a grain bowl that won’t irritate your body.

4. Join a group

As part of a gluten-free diet burnout, it is easy to focus on all the foods you can no longer eat. Stay on the bright side by connecting with a fellow gluten-free friends or joining an online community.

Social media channels like Facebook are a great place to find a support system that can help focus on the positive and provide meaningful updates, new restaurants to try, or delicious recipes to make

5. Try a new restaurant

Eating a gluten-free diet does not mean you must stay home and cook all the time!

With the ever-increasing awareness of celiac disease, many restaurants are more clearly marking their gluten-free options and even expanding their menus.

If unsure where to start, try the free Find Me Gluten Free app to explore various restaurants near you

6. Try one new recipe a week

Although your schedule may be busy, dedicate one day a week to trying a brand new recipe.

Experimenting with a new meal part of your routine will not only revamp your diet at the moment, but will also prevent you from falling into a monotonous recipe routine again in the future. Do not hesitate to try new foods and recipes even though eating gluten-free does require thought and planning, it can be an equally exciting and adventurous lifestyle.

Happy eating....Jodes xx


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