Brooklyn Bowl - Food Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

By JODIE CLAPP Founder of The GF Hub

Published | 1st September 2019 |

Did someone say fried chicken? What, really? Gluten-Free Fried Chicken??

It was 7pm on a Friday night, and I was down at the Linq Promenade in Las Vegas scouting around for somewhere to eat for dinner. I had been here several times before however, this was my first time back after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

I strolled into Brooklyn Bowl and was keen to see if there was something on the menu I could eat. Having been here previously for drinks and to watch a band, I knew they had some southern-style pub grub on the menu so I wasn’t confident. Boy was I in for a shock!

Seated, ready, and just about to open the menu, I had primed myself to be happy with a salad if there was nothing suitably Gluten-Free. Upon opening the menu, I saw their signature, famed fried chicken dish. My heart melted at the thought, "geez I wish I could have that!" However, upon looking closer, right underneath it was clearly written ‘Gluten Free Option Available’ What?? really? Gluten Free Fried Chicken?? My heart skipped a beat as the excitement started to stir my tantilising my tastebuds. At this point, I had been Gluten-Free for 18 months, so I haven't eaten fried chicken since then.

The waiter had stopped by to take my drinks order, and if I needed help with the menu. I enquired about the Fried Chicken, and to my surprise, he explained everything on how they prep the dish to how they cook it separately. His knowledge and easy explanation made me feel way more comfortable and, less of 'high maintenance diner.'

He recommended the “Roasted Adobo Corn, with queso fresco, chipotle butter and lime" as a starter, and to top if off, he offered to shear the corn off the cob so I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting stuck in my teeth! Oh my god, seriously it's like this guy knew me.

The corn arrived not too long after ordering it and well…..its everything I could imagine plus more. It was roasty, toasty, sweet, spicy and bitter all at once yet not overdone. You can taste each and every flavour and can savour the lingering kick in your mouth it leaves.

At this point, I'm sooo excited!

Now for the main event, out comes my “Gluten-Free Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens with bacon and honey!

I sat there for a while, just jaw dropped at this piece of delicious looking art sitting right in front of me. It almost looked too good to eat! I picked up the fat crispy thigh and sunk my teeth into like a famished carnivore. I tore, sucked, slurped and crunched at this titillating thigh.

Need I say more! I devoured the plate in no time at all. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down and enjoy, but instead was eating as if someone was going to take my plate away from me… I guess that's what happens when you haven’t had something this good in soo long.

Overall, is it a meal that I would eat every week? Perhaps not as its not overly the healthiest of meals but boy is it going on my ‘Naughty once in a while list’

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