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Gluten-Free Game Changers: G-Free Donuts

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

A new style of blog topic I've decided to write about is what I call Gluten-Free Game Changers. It is a shout out to amazing people changing the gluten-free world for the better.


Before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I loved eating donuts. Be it from the local Donut King shop in town, or, to ordering up a serve of hot fresh cinnamon donuts on the snow-covered streets of Switzerland. I simply loved donuts. But then my diagnosis happened and donuts disappeared from my life leaving a lingering memory of what was once a 'sugar and cinnamon heaven'...Or so I thought...

We are pretty lucky that there are some amazingly creative people in the world, and one of them came up with 'gluten-free donuts.' Then, some more amazingly creative people were able to perfect the recipe to what I would call 'better than gluten' donuts.

Gluten Free Game Changer 'G-Free Donuts' enters the story.

Yes!!! These donuts actually taste how they look. They are light as a feather, fluffy as a bunny, dousted with cinnamon that reminds you of Christmas no matter the time of year, and sugary sweet you need to run 10kms to work it off.....But every bite is all soo worth it!

What I love about these donuts is that they seem to cater for everyone. Be it a blokey bloke, kid, hot chick, fitness model and even dogs...these donuts seem to be a crowd-pleaser whether they are gluten-free or not.

This awesome little business is actually a fast-growing franchise Australia wide. So the good news is, handicapped people like myself have a much better opportunity of enjoying some of the little things in life... like a hot cinnamon donut. No more having to watch with morbid jealousy, my husband drooling all over his donut, as I too can now have one and not feel like I'm on a cast-away island with nothing but lettuce to eat. This is all due to some clever and creative people.

One of those clever and creative people is Joel Hale. Joel is 26 years young and has been going through the enlisting process to become a fighter pilot in the RAAF for the past 4 years. After being told to demonstrate the characteristics they wanted of 'driven, leadership, teamwork and initiative,' Joel decided to invest in a small start-up that his friend Tim owned, which was selling gluten-free donuts at the local markets. By doing this, surely it would look good on the resume and improve his chances at getting through the selection process for the RAAF...

After working with Tim, getting to know the dough and seeing the amazing feedback from customers, it was time to take the leap and set up shop for real. The humble pop-up shop at the markets on the weekend has progressed into Joel owing his own physical franchise store at the Westfield Helensvale Shopping complex on the Gold Coast 2 years later.

Whilst Joel still caters for events, markets and works 7 days a week at the Westfield Store, he has come to realise that he loves what he does, appreciates his customers and customer service really is his passion. So while this does mean that he won't be protecting our skies as a fighter pilot, he will be protecting our sanity by serving up sumptious donuts to keep our cravings at bay and our cheat days full of deliciousness.

G-Free Donuts are still young and Joel is very excited to see what the next 5 years will develop in to.

Check out more on their website to find a shop near you.

Happy Eating...Jodes


My geeky health note: Due to the fact that I'm health conscious, like everything, we need to have our naughty treats in moderation. Whilst they are deliciously yummy in every way, they are made of soy flour (sorry for those who have soy allergy) and are obviously refined carbs tossed in sugar. So donuts in general, are not what I would consider healthy, or being a part of a regular diet and I would consume as only a once in a while treat or cheat day snack.


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