Gluten-Free Girl.

Read it - Full Stop!

By JODIE CLAPP Founder of The GF Hub

Published | 01 March 2019 |

Wow, this book is such a culinary delight. Not only do I feel invited to learn about someone else's (Shauna’s) life and struggles with Celiac Disease, but she delivers her story along with the Barbecued Pork and Aromatic Jasmine Rice.

Shauna gives you the tips and hints of transitioning to a GF life blended with the Tomato, Fava Bean and Gruyere Salad and she finishes up with some comforting news that we too can live a happy and healthy life while indulging on the Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche.

This book is a splash of gluten-free, a drizzle of Jamie Olivier and I definitely hear Julia Childs in there too somewhere. Whether you're intolerant or Celiac, it's well worth the time... I recommend this book is best enjoyed over some Bruschetta and a glass of wine, or perhaps just quietly at the beach!

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