Is this the best Organic, Gluten-Free Cafe on the Sunshine Coast?

You be the judge.

By JODIE CLAPP Founder of The GF Hub

Published | 09 April 2019 |

Tucked away in the grasslands of Yandina is ‘Goodness Gracious Organic and Gluten-Free Cafe' - A quaint little house-turned-cafe that boasts some seriously good flavours.

I live a 40 min drive away, and being Celiac myself, had seen this little cafe pop up on Facebook from time to time. Wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I set off on a Sunday morning drive with my husband for breakfast and eager for the idea that I eat somewhere where I didn’t have to scrutinise the chef on what’s safe.

We arrived at the natural home styled setting with our puppy dog in tow and was greeted by some very gracious faces. Deciding what to eat was somewhat tricky, simply because I was in a position where I was able to eat everything displayed on the menu. After some deliberation, I decided on the bubble-n-squeak topped with poached eggs, spinach and chutney. Knowing that all the ingredients were organic made it all the more nourishing for the body.

Jill and her team bake all their own bread in house, along with gorgeous, slices, salads, muffins, patties, tarts and healthy treats to take away.

They have options that cater for sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan and vegetarian, so if you're a sufferer of food allergies, this certainly is one place where you will fit right in.

Jill, the owner, had acquired the cafe 7 years ago, which had already established a reputation for providing organic food with Gluten-free options. After having run a kitchen which was split to cater for Gluten options, her concern for cross-contamination was not easing. So Jill had decided that going completely gluten-free altogether was a necessary step for the health and safety of her customers..and also her sanity.

Her efforts in providing a contamination-free kitchen do not stop at the preparation of meals for the menu, it extends to the point that no staff are not allowed to bring their own food into the premises. Jill happily feeds her team on site and it's just another step in sealing the deal for me that this lady really cares.

I enquired as to what the issue is with Gluten that Jill suffers from to understand her motivation behind a Gluten-free cafe, and to my surprise there is none! Jill is not Celiac or even gluten-intolerant! As the cafe already had a reputation for dishing up gluten-free food Jill continued to take it all the way despite her own personal dietary preferences and draws on inspiration from her guests for new menu ideas.

Having put so much love into catering for peoples food allergies, Jill was a finalist last year (2018) for the Sunshine Coast Business Women of the year. Although she did not win the big competition, she has certainly won many hearts over with her commitment to providing exceptional quality food that safe for the minority.

Providing gluten-free, organic food is not a cheap exercise and unfortunately calls for quite costly ingredients. In saying this, Jill has managed to keep her prices reasonably affordable, which posed my next question, and before I could ask Jill stated: “It’s a labour of love really, rather than a drive for profit.”

Whether your Celiac, gluten intolerant, vegan or a straight out bacon a eggs kind of person, do try out this hidden gem. The food is full of goodness, that's served with graciousness, and you won't be disappointed.

PS - do keep an eye out for the lizards that run throughout the courtyard, they like to nibble on toes!

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