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FOOD REVIEW - Manneken Eats

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

A Unique name serving up Unique food.

I was visiting Constitution Dock in Hobart and randomly came across some food trucks setting up. Seriously, who doesn't love with food trucks? As peckish as I was, I saw Manneken Eats promoting Belgian fries, and my mouth started watering.

As I could not see anything to indicate GF on their menu, I asked at the counter "Do you cook anything else with your fries?" She replied in her lovely Belgian accent, "absolutely no, and that's why they are gluten-free!"

I then asked, "what makes these Belgian Fries so good and...well.. Belgian?" Her response of the hand cut, freshly cooked, spiced and sauced method was enough for me to quickly snap in with "I'll have the large thank you..." A few minutes later I was handed my cone of yumminess and need I say more.

Check them out here


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