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FOOD REVIEW - The best Nepalese cuisine in SoHo Hong Kong.

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

This hidden gem is well worth discovering!

There is something about Indian food and cuisine that I have always loved, however, now I think I’ve really found the perfect blend of spices, curries and aromas. And it’s in Hong Kong!

‘Nepal’ was recommended by a good friend of mine and fellow foodie who lived in Hong Kong. Knowing my tastes and sense of discovery, he knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I walked from my hotel in Tsim Sha Tsu, down to the harbour’s edge and caught a junk across the waterways to Hong Kong island. This was followed by riding a series of rickety outdoor escalators up to the SoHo district.

Streets of Hong Kong

You can walk of course next to the escalators up the thousands of stairs, however, I was enjoying the relaxing view from my magic carpet ride. I passed alleyways and lanes by the dozen, each getting more funky and trendier the higher I went. I kept a keen eye out for the street I needed to jump off at and soon reached my destination.

I was forewarned to scope out the dark timber carvings that graced the entrance way to the restaurant... I couldn’t help but giggle and smirk with a cheeky grin while admiring the unique risqué nature of the designs. Something you need to see for yourself.

The restaurant was quiet as I arrived a little early for the lunchtime service, but this gave me undivided attention from the waitress with whom I joked and talked.

Warm colours adorned the walls, along with native artifacts and timber accents. The tables were presented beautifully with crockery and cutlery that resembled the restaurant's origins.

The menu was reflective of the culture and history Nepal has to offer. I was spoilt for choice between the soups, starters, salads and specialties. But what more caught my eye was the vast array of delicacies from the menus titled “from the bag of hunter” - “treasures from the clay oven” - “from the fisherman’s net.” Each dish looked like it was going to be a story in its own right.

I asked the waitress for some recommendations as I clearly was not able to decide on my own and needed to be mindful of gluten.

Soon the waitress returned to my table with:

‘Bhenta Tareko’ (fried eggplant marinated in herbs) and a sizzling plate of 'Kukhura-Ko Sekuwa' (barbecued boneless chicken marinated in fresh light Nepalese herbs and spices); 'Royal Khasi' (Boneless lamb slices cooked in an almond based gravy) and saffron rice.

The colours of the food looked rich and vibrant, the aromas of char and spice invaded my nose, and all that was just the lead up to the reward on my tastebuds. All the ingredients were crisp and fresh, the flavours in balance and not overpowering with the right amount of heat to get your sweat on...I was left satisfied, and completely content. I must certainly say that they are well deserving of the many awards they have won, including trip advisors Certificate of Excellence.

Chefs posing for a photo

Check it out for yourself here


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