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Who doesn't love to watch a good video? So why not make it an educational video. The Hub's video library is always adding new videos weekly on a variety of topics to not only entertain but to help educate everyone in the world of gut health.  

Science & Education
Health & Nutrition
Vintage Food Advertisements
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Want to know the in's and out's of Celiac Disease and Gluten-Intolerance? This is a collection of educational videos and information on the latest science and research.

Want to know more about Health & Nutrition?

Discover some helpful videos not only for a gluten-free diet but also general health & well-being. Learn about the misconceptions that have plagued our media and influenced our generations.

The channel full of laughs. Want to get a giggle on and be reminded just how far we have come in the understanding of food and nutrition? Just watch a few of these old classic advertisements on some of the household staples that were projected to us as being 'healthy.'

Gluten-Free Cooking
Cooking Eggs

Want to impress your friends & family with gluten-free food? Want to show yourself and the world just how easy it is to cook with gluten-free ingredients? Then delve into this channel of awesome gluten-free cooking videos. 

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